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how to build a service business

Many are asking themselves - how to build a service business. The only way to build a business from scratch without start-up capital - is to start a business with the provision of services, that is, to make their own hands. You need only decide on the services sector, which need to be an expert and be able to provide these services: - The provision of various services (for example, can sew and repair clothes, making cakes to order, to repair the car, repair facilities and so on); - Online counseling (legal issues, parenting, family relationships, etc.); - Online training (foreign languages, photography, tutoring); - Sale of intellectual property rights (design software). Everyone understands in any field, and many - even more. Services provided must be of good quality, with a guarantee. Over time, it will own base of customers who will be treated again and again. Thus, the business enters a new stage of development. It is important at this stage - to postpone part of the money earned. It is necessary for the further development of the business. No matter how much is earned, the main thing - to postpone (for example, it may be a fixed percentage of revenue each).

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