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There are several factors that affect the ranking list of search .sadrzaj site is glavan factor for the position in time of result. content is the one who attracts customers to Sseo side. Good content should be easy to not kopliciran, easy to understanding and should contain all we want to introduce ourselves, about our Petrol products or services. must be interesan to attract the attention of all Internet users, and with that id by the longer time you keep on Naoya side, to hundreds paler better acquainted with the of the and with it will be a hundred bplje informed with the offer. together with smart internal linking, SEO should ensure that kaegotija hijarhahija site is reflected in the URL. simple url shows hijarhiju information on page .that determines relavatnost web page of srane browser. All information can be classified and no need to process the of the This is thanks to a good URL. the essence of the of the or site and will almost all visitors have a reason to visit the site. ideal website content must be very specific to a particular topic which predstavljmo our product or service. the content of the site needs to jump directly cite the title, URL, content, image alt text. text content must be unique to internet and with a bit of information to get to the essence of pages .sranica must be substantial and simple tools can be seen images that have set up. Our desire is to attract more visitors to our site. This may be achieved only if we made the right SEO page and then we can count on higher attendance and support the browser type being larger seo page.

I really had no idea what is seo page is all about and thought its just another Search engine tool but after i searched and watched the youtube understand what is the difference between SEO and other search tools websites such google .bing , yahoo .. etc . This tech will safe my time to find what am looking for and provide me with the accurate result that am seeking . The Periodic Table Of SEO Success Factors is another big hand of help for users and specially the beginners. I can feel now every knowledge and fact i search for is beyond a click from my laptop unlike before where i had to keep searching and scrolling down and turning pages to find what am looking for and sometimes i ended up disappointed with irrelevant results that the search engine keep providing me. The advertising issue is another wasting times , this search will definitely making the world as a big library for me. for business wise , after seeing The SEO Success Pyramid and took an overall look at the mechanism i can feel that this searching service will be the right gate for the business factor specially online business such social media , marketing and advertisement and so on . Awesome

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