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BuzzStream eliminates the time-sucking parts of link building so you can focus on what matters: quality relationships with partners. reate Better Content Promote Content Faster Get More & Better Links Read on to discover each expert’s favourite 3 tools along with their awesome tips on how to use them! linkbuilding tool You can either skip to your favourite expert using these quick links or grab a coffee, get comfortable and commence scrolling! You put lots of time, energy, and creativity into creating amazing content for your customers. Don’t let your content fall short with incomplete research or poorly-executed promotion. Great tool for blogger outreach and prospecting management. Think of it as your link building CRM with research tools built in (my personal definition of it of course :)). A tool I simply can’t live without. Oh, an important thing, their support is absolutely magnificent. One of the best I have ever seen. I think I’ll be going with Alexa. It records backlinks more quickly than others I think. And I recommend you NOT TO care much about the backlinks and Social Shares. Just continue what you are doing, produce great content and natural links will flow to you. it has so many uses but ultimately, it lets you scale in the right way because you build up your “black book” of contacts which can help you get more and more the more you use the system. It also does a great job of pulling in metrics so you can do quick analysis tool

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