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Want to know the secrets of a professional SEO company when creating posts? Get your keyword in the right places, make sure your post title is compelling, be sure to include a video in your post.What makes a good video? Get a text transcription for your video. Have a custom image on every post. Include a PDF of your text . Be sure to have social sharing icons. Have a list of related posts ready. If you’re a regular viewer of these SEO news updates, you may notice a couple of slight subtle changes to the post this week. We thought when we added those it will be a great opportunity for us to discuss what makes up a really good SEO post. The first thing is make sure your keyword is in your page title and in your page description. The second element is video, and of course, you’re watching video now. Element number three is a text transcription/ The fourth element is a custom image. The fifth element is a PDF. On to number six element – and that’s your social sharing icons. The seventh element is related post, and you’ll see that added to our SEO post news.

We are professional seo company, a leading reputation with long experience in observing, analyzing and testing methods search engine optimization. Seo company we are proud to have in hand a comprehensive systems approach, always anticipate and flexibly change according to the changes of the algorithm, as well as the different needs of each client . Our company does not use black hat brings many risks for enterprises. We operate professionally, aims to build high quality content to attract potential customers, thus profitable and sustainable reputation for our customers. Our staff has always worked with clients in the highest sense of responsibility. With the ability to quickly grasp the needs, we will quickly help clients in analyzing and assessing the basic needs and provide the most appropriate solution. The perfect combination between creativity, diligence and good expertise has created the best products to exceed the expectations of our customers. Do seo is one method has many advantages, bring long-term benefits, easily measurable, cost cheaper. And in particular it will help businesses easily reach customers in high demand. High efficiency: Displays the contents page 24/24 in the search results Google is the biggest advantage of seo. Therefore, customers across the country have access to products and services of the enterprise anytime, anywhere. Brand reputation soar: Results page displays the contents of Google search results allow consumers (who need to use the product or service) ’implied’ brand is strong, Traffic large, reputable and reliable.

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