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Site promotion techniques to enhance its relevance to the search engines (optimization) is essentially a process aimed at increasing the attendance of a resource by attracting targeted visitors (potential customers), and ultimately - to increase sales with the resource. To increase site traffic using many backlinks. Backlinks - is active hyperlinks, which are at different sites link to the original online resource. Often the text of such exile is a quest term over which the optimization of the site in scan engines. What more quality citation to your site, the higher the level of trust of search setup, which means your site will be ranked higher. add backlinks can be a variety of ways, for example, free of charge. Such sites can be found on the Internet. Obtained with quality resources free reference to the site have a positive impact on SEO-performance of your site will improve its position in search results, attendance and, as a consequence, the yield. Of course, do not forget that the theme of the site should coincide with your own, it will give more weight to links. You can still buy backlinks. But it is necessary to take into account a number of factors such as: analysis of the quality of the site, outside donor sites, use their specific requirements to the sites. There are also leased remark, which have their own advantages - lower price, the ability to quickly increase attendance resource. More backlinks optimizers to use aggregators. Their functions include automatic purchase for promotion resources

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