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link building is the topic to be debated and discussed the most in SEO. There were so many topics, the model how to build links are provided for the purpose of creating one strategy to build the most effective and most appropriate link building price. There is one thing that the SEO practitioner should understand that Google will penalize your site when they found out there are bad links pointing to the website (typically the Penguin algorithm). It was created by the sharing of users on social networking sites, citing sources when copying articles greatly appreciate it. Blogs, forums ... helped to potentially ease SEOer promote their products to customers and create the link quality. A good man must know how to use these activities wisely to avoid penalties from search. The site has a great effect in creating a natural way because if the quality of your content, readers will share your article to their friends. Construction link to Penguin update. Why I ask the question, ’I have built this link if it is no-follow?’ As a test? Besides the fact that it fits perfectly with Google’s terms of service, it was a marketing strategy. I believe that the focus of SEO is developing your online presence even in the absence of the benefit of search engines. This is the perfect strategy for growth and value when you are serious about our presence with customers. Relying too much on its algorithm is not secure, and send the wrong message to customers.

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