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how to backlink your website

The important of ’how to backlink your website’. Backlink understand the most simple and literal is linked to. Or in other words the form Backlink links from the site A to site B and site B links back to site A. BL is one of the simplest ways to increase traffic to your website. And it also plays an important role in the process of optimizing search engines and increase your Google PageRank. I’m not SEOer. However, I also know a number of ways you can make more traffic to your site and I wanted to share with you in this article. To pass into double ’blue eyes’ of her Google you must have a lot of criteria, one of which is Backlink criteria. Because in order to avoid being the guy ’cheated’ so she devised a new Google as assessed by the guy backlink. It is thought that if someone wants to create a website at one spam will link to that page. Thus websites linked to by many other sites. Especially those pages have a clean background and long time exist, then the link is very valuable and we can infer that the page is not a form of Spam. Understanding how Google Backlink acknowledge that you have to earn backlink somehow. There are many ways and also very simple to conduct. Goodluck!

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