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Link building is the process of creating a website to promote and to improve the ranking in the ’search results pages (SERPs). Typically, it takes several weeks before they see any movement in the rankings of keywords. It is also very common for keyword rankings to pay up and down at the beginning of a campaign quality link building. The difficulties of the keywords, the competitiveness of industry, age and authority of the target site, aggressiveness of the campaign and all kinds is a major factor to determine the velocity of wealth ranking . A natural link profile is essential for a new site. However, if search engines see a website achieve a large number of similar links with anchor text on a large scale in a short time, they can be confident that the site in question is manipulated of their ranking algorithms. The new site should focus on quality rather than quantity and they should be in favor of using a higher percentage of brand-based anchor text. However, the most important techniques to rank higher than fresh, high quality content on and off the site. Search engines will follow the links in the content for the target site and the advertiser and the host sites will naturally earn and be better people voted.

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