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SEO which meaning is a competition which was followed by dozens, hundreds, even thousands of people to get 1st place in the Search Engines. There are 2 kinds of SEO SEO Onpage and Offpage SEO, how to blog or website to get high rank in search engines is the relevance, in order to be relevant to a blog or a website should be optimized SEO Onpage and Offpage her, the way is to make keyword research, without it and Offpage Onpage SEO will be very difficult. Keyword research is one of the SEO process unatuk searching for the right keywords with the highest search and mungkin.Example as low competition keywords ’How to SEO a Website’ in the Keyword Planner, Keyword in looking around 1,000 people per month, is relatively small, but the competition is also very easy once. different from the Keyword ’way to earn money online’ which has a very competitive searching per month, can you imagine the traffic you get if you could be a high rank in Google. let’s discuss for the first is Onpage SEO prior notice, If you want your page is relevant, then make sure the keywords that you seek are: Tittle TAG, URL and Description Articles, Heading tags, image file name and image alt tags, the first sentence in your article. that approximately 85% of everything, the rest is speeding up loading the blog, optimizing the link is broken, and optimizing web crawl. The second is Offpage SEO, in her there and anchor text backlinks the meanig is the text that will appear when clicking on a link .. It also includes an important factor in SEO Offpage as Anchor Text can not be separated from the backlink. So the above can be done for free, but if you want an easier way you can be buying links seo.

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