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the seo back link is a set of techniques intended to render web pages in non-commercial results of search engines. it quality is determined by many factors. While the choice of keywords is important, it is essential to provide special care the content of the pages. Carefully organize the subject tree is a vital act and you have to take the time to ask the right questions. The information contained in the website largely determine the quality of seo naturel. it can read the content of links or URLs of it as text. While it is true that the quality of the referencing of a site starts with the quality and relevance of its content for Internet, everything is important in its optimization, including paths, URL links to each have different values for the engines, based on it of the website on which they are published. That is to say, a link to a web page, published on a famous site, is (much) more than a link published on a little-known site. Conversely, returns links published on sites with a bad reputation, or fraudulent techniques to get more it, can alter the site reputation to which they point.

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