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Backlink Seo likened to a house, it is a backlink as a house foundation. seo backlinks is very important and very nice to the world of internet. Therefore, many people sought backlink seo. How to get backlinks seo: Commenting on other people’s blogs, comments should not be carelessly what more if the comment was not in accordance with the contents of the article or just a base - stale. Berkomentarlah appropriate so as not to be considered spam and use the ID ’url name’ because I think it is more effective. Create a blog shadow, a shadow that blog is a blog that we created as the main source of backlinks to your blog. Fill in every blog at least 10 articles and try to blog already indexed and do not forget a shot of the shadows of backlinks to your blog. Register in the discussion forum, how to register yourself to the online discussion forum anywhere. Then answer each question while leaving a link to your blog (while diving drinking water). Exchange links, look for a friend or someone who has a blog to exchange links. it was just about picture backlinks seo, may be useful for all of us... thank you

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