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backlink building (BL for short, incoming link in French) is a hyperlink placed on a page of a B website that points to a A.The website page that a web page is cited by several other sites through a backlink is considered by modern (Google in the lead) as a form of ’vote’, and therefore improves the positioning of the page in the results pages of search engines. Inbound links can come from various sources: books, friends, or partner sites, feed, press releases, etc. For many years, search engine optimization has been to a race for inbound links which led a massive spam, artificially distorting the results of the algorithms. Now quality of premium on their quantity and the importance of this criterion for ranking pages seems to decrease.So the are counted correctly and that they be helpful in, it is best to follow a few rules: Avoid repeated links in directories and low quality sites (only the restraint forbids me Web termed bins). Fleeing software that allows you to automatically register your websites in 200 directories with a click. Choose sites and pages whose theme is similar to that of the destination site. For example, a page that talks about pools can be an appropriate place to put a link to a site related to water treatment. Treating the code and link anchor text. Diversifying anchor text. Alternate deep links and links to the site’s home page.

Backlink building is a very useful strategy in order to increase the traffic to certain website by implementing links in different kinds of sites like forums, blogs online news pages and so on that lead to this website, in my point of view this strategy is the most successful way to earn thousands of real visits, there are many companies providing online services specialized only in providing backlinks building services against a determined price, it provides different packs with different prices and features. These cervices are widely used by advertisers to increase the number of visitors to their web catalog and then eventually the number of sales will be raised. There is another big benefit from this back link implementation as all the internet users or at least the majority of them use the search engines, the first thing people do when accessing the computer is using an engine looking for best match to their topic, this gives the opportunity to find many sites about a topic, but this does not mean that the displayed results are the only result that exist in the internet nor all the results are in the first page instead they are ranked according to some characteristics, here comes the importance of SEO strategy because it helps to make a website among the first results.

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