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Links , also known as incoming links. There are several factors that determine the value of a backlink. Some links may be from sources that contain highly valuable metrics, they also could be associated with the application or customer’s interest Some can say ’ back link building is dead’-someone is positively - if from a trusted source or negatively - if flagged as suspicious, over time. Links are still the core of the search algorithm Google. Links are clearly an important signal about the importance of your content. They are still very valuable. Google has a few surprises for web masters bending the rules using what they call spammy links.Today’s negative seo efforts now looks almost indistinguishable from genuine back link building efforts a few years ago. Unless you have no clue about what is going on and think GooglePlus counts are the number one ranking factor, you’ll realise building high quality links to your site is STILL the single most important thing you can be doing to improve the rank of an already relevant page. Getting other sites to link to yours is easy when you have content worth linking to. it really is that simple in some cases. Your content should be original, but it does not need to set the world on fire. The more content you add to your site, the more likely people will link to it, today or in the future.

There are an infinite number of places you could conceivably back link building for your website, and the vastness of the task can be paralyzing. But you have to start Google optimization some where. You shouldn’t wait passively for people to finally decide to link to you. So over the last few weeks my agency has dug up this list of easy-to-build them you can get for any website. These will help get the popularity ball rolling, and even if your site has been around a while, you should go make sure you have these link sources covered. Create a local business listing for all of your offices. Use target keywords in the profile and description fields. This is a great source that is devoid of no – follows and has high visibility in the search results. A Powerful, easy, and effective place to build them. When it comes to Google Places, Local Listings, LinkedIn and basically all your social pages and profiles, a complete profile is much more powerful than an incomplete one. It’s just more information that search engines can use to figure out what you and your website are about. So fill out all the details and include your main keywords in those profiles (for example, ‘we are a landscape company from Dallas specializing in large commercial and educational institution projects’). All of this takes a bit of time and grunt work, but if you do it Google will have a richer collection of sites pointing to yours in a consistent, powerful way

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