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how to advertise blog

When your website or blog establishment, you must find ways how to advertise blog and for as many people as possible know. With the newly formed blog, you do not have the financial ability to advertise by paying to place banners on large websites. But these ways can bring certain efficiency cost savings. 1. The most common way is to announce the existence of your website for Google. You can register your site by clicking on the word on its homepage About, then select Submit của content to ... But this is the thing to do, but only with its declaration alone can not make that it will be found in search results. Because if your blog does not have links to other website, it is programmed to not give up the first part of the initial search results. 2. Link Exchange This way, it depends on your diplomacy. If you are familiar with the admin of large forum or site has quite ’popular’, you ask them to put a banner on your website they, in return you also put a link to their site from the owner of you. If it is linked to from an address that existed long and prestigious, Google also will appreciate you even more. 3. Comment the blog Current blog movement also developed quite strong. Although no in-depth multi-page content using a free service of Yahoo! also a lot. So you can take advantage to advertise your comment. You should find these blogs have a similar theme or near your seed, and try to be the first to comment on an article. The majority of only 10 first comment that someone read, left it too long to see the end reader.

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