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Internet advertising - advertisements website placed on the Internet; presentation of goods, services or businesses on the Internet, addressed to mass clients and having the character of belief.   Such advertising is usually a link directly to the advertiser’s site. Advertising on the Internet has many advantages, as opposed to conventional advertising: the ability to track user actions and reactions of the Internet, an advertiser can quickly make changes to the current campaign. On the Internet, there are many mailing lists that are devoted to various topics. The recipients of such letters personally signed up for the newsletter, and any time they have the right and the opportunity to cancel your subscription. There are open distribution (for everyone), closed (for people of a certain range), free (available by enthusiastic creators, sponsorship, paid advertisers) are paid. Since a mailing list usually provides a means of broadcasting for a specific target group and often has thousands of subscribers, it is an effective marketing tool. A number of companies on their official websites offers visitors to subscribe to the newsletter, informing about company news and site updates. This newsletter reminds subscribers of the site and the business of its owner, informing and encouraging repeat visits.

Words are most important weapons that can radically change the trajectory of a product on the market for better or worse depends on their quality Since the main purpose of advertising is Saituri to convey information so that they can be received by users. because we can choose web sites advertising has a much better control over your investment and will have immediate results. when we wish to subscribe to a site advertising as we think it will bring us substantial gains due to the creative product we want to sell it and it is normal to expect to have to gain from this. after we decided that we really do this step we must decide about the site’s ad because there are many sites that are not productive and not very serious because of this we must fiim careful what site you sign. Best metota to increase the revenues of a firm is the information should not act on impulse or hearsay just inform us about advertisements website before must hold a special design-oriented visual pleasure, which conveys the message Ad users without stress, an excellent offer for special projects, strategic positioning of advertising areas, access to complete statistics regarding viewing by visitors banners.

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