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Real Madrid goalkeeper Keylor said the club’s players ’are really hurting’ after Saturday’s humiliation at the hands of engines for websites. Madrid, who have lost their last two La Liga games, were thrashed 4-0 by their arch rivals in the Bernabeu Clasico. search engines for websites. Speaking after the game, midfielder Luka Modric said Real ’did not play as a team,’ while angry home fans vented their frustration by whistling star attacker Cristiano Ronaldo during the second half. Costa Rica international said Real, who face Shakhtar Donetsk in the Champions League on Wednesday, needed to pull together as a team. He told the club’s official website: ’We all have to run that bit harder. We’re a team, and it isn’t a question of some of us running more or less. ’I have confidence in all of my teammates. I know the qualities that they have and the type of team that we are. We’re a team -- when we win, we win together, and when we lose, we lose together.’ Navas said everyone at the Bernabeu was ’hurting’ and ’aware that we put in a very bad display. so depends on thıs ıdeas ıt ıs good but not alot specıally for whome out USA do not you thınk that fella’

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