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Promoting new website is one of the important steps in the promotion and bring products to consumers. To promote an efficient way requires the head of economic intelligence, dynamism and creativeness. These tactics are marketing towards one goal: creating buzz for the product at the lowest cost in a time period as long as possible. What the marketers always want to create the shock, waves of the market because there are things that are very strong impact on the branded products and consumer decisions. Markets do not always have the appearance of a product to that product becomes exclusive that market manipulation. On the market is the presence of multiple items of the same type in the same market, thereby creating fierce competition. The saying ’the market like battlefield’ fruit is not too far from reality. When a new product appears on the market, it will be subject to intense pressure from the traditional products. How to occupy the market’s traditional rival, how to rise to strong pressure from their opposition? To get the site promotion tactics or requires talented strategists have large heads and sweeping views. How can enhance their brand reputation and bring it to the consumer, it is a big question for anyone. It is also an important and essential part in the life of a product in the market with high competitiveness today.

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