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how to advertise your site

Imagine, if you have a website and how to advertise your site with search engine not find it, all your efforts is simply wasted. There are ways to help them find ’see’, the simplest is to register the site in web directories like ODP (Open Directory Project) or is using Google Webmaster Tools. With the use of this tool, you will be assured that your site will get it regularly gather information, advertise the website is also easier. - To rank the website, the search engines now use universal criteria (popularity). Count Universal consists of two parts, the first part is the number of pages linking to your site, and the second is the quality of the pages linking to your site. The website is the prominent link to your site requires to have high quality, which can only be achieved through long time. The easiest way is the number of sites targeted links to your site before. - To do this, personal blog is a reasonable choice. Once your blog has an article on certain hot topics, it will be easy to get people interested, and thereby put the link to. To be brief, SEO techniques mentioned above include the following steps: First, to provide information for the apparatus to ensure your information is in the database of google boot; Second, highlight your features so that it can put your website on the list match the search requests of its users; and Third, to increase the ranking of your site to ensure that the user selected in the first list is the boot returns.

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