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advertising on linebecomes the spread of the Internet is increasing dramatically every day, which has countless features of both in access to information or in the commercialization of each commodity are for sale or purchase. It features advertising network in the provision of time, whether the seller or buyer - Valslah be beautifully and clearly shown in all its details with the possibility of providing a full picture and explain them. Saving money in - Many buyers prefer to search for what he wants on the Internet and then go straight to where he found what looking for. Even without the need to run his car, and spend half his day in the streets in search of what he needs, whether in summer or winter and avoid congestion and lack of parking. Statistics show that more than half of the Internet users to find what they need from As is well known, more than 70% of the goods offered in the market are private goods Women - and that women prefer to search on the web provides information on a permanent basis throughout the year, day and night and accessibility Many people are using mobile phone to access the network in addition to those who use the computer. There are no geographical boundaries for ads on the network The information is available in all countries and this is a big advantage cost Avatar - the online advertising for a full year is less than the cost of placing an ad in a newspaper for one day, despite the great features to advertise on the World Wide Web And that’s where people’s dependence on the Internet in the search for what they need daily increases dramatically your advertisement in the broad deployment site is undoubtedly a step in the right direction Other benefits of ads on the Internet 1 - Interactive: Consumer can interact with the ad sites to request more information or to answer questions It can pressure on the Declaration of the user takes the visitor on a tour of recipes, but the product that the consumer It can interact with the item such as software and experienced by ads where can obtain a copy And downloaded and tested and if accepted can be bought at the same moment. 2. Speed ​​and flexibility in access to the public: The announcement of the Internet is available 24 hours a day and seven days a week, which allows trades of companies Extraordinary ability to follow-up ad campaigns from day to day and constantly updated and modified or even canceled According to the degree of interaction with the public. The user can also (consumer) access to information and statistics about the product in any Time and wants to help him to make comparisons between similar products and comfortably full speed. and also an opportunity for immediate purchase and get a good price through credit cards. 3. Follow-up to the concerns of the target audience: Has evolved very quickly the ability of advertisers to reach their target market segments Geography and demography based on accurate data and Internet statement allows, for example, keeps track of the extent and quality of Consumer interest in the brand, automakers to identify the most interested users Safety information or accessories or related to a certain speed , as they can measure the response The recipient of the Declaration through a number of times in which the pressure on the ad. 4. Multimedia Integration: it is an opportunity to use the Declaration of texts and audio and video and can be imaged Item During use and visibility of all aspects of the use of three-dimensional as they can get Samples such as books or CD or video clips. 5. low cost: The cost of the Internet announcement of the traditional means, including at least 85% less in order to provide infrastructure Basic communication and the development of information programs and there are several sites can display ads By cheaply as that labor-saving, printing, mail and other expenses means expenses Traditional help lower advertising costs, particularly in technology companies. 6. Privacy: Where the Internet provides a declaration of what he can not direct sales or television available, where they can get Detailed information and inquire about several points and take the appropriate buying decision without Exposure to any embarrassment or pressure sellers. 7. global display advertising: The announcement of Internet ads outperform all conventional means that is an unlimited in possession Display A world without facing restrictions and laws and the determinants of advertising different countries of the world, and without the need to resort To many means of advertising agencies to bring about universal coverage for display advertising And that less budget, time and effort

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