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As well as other types of advertising, advertising on the network to provide information, speeding up transaction Centered seller and buyer. But advertising on different Web advertisement on mass media chúng its other, it helps consumers im possible for interactive advertising. Im possible customer clicks on an ad to get information or buy products and advertising design on that, unfortunately cũng thậm chúng product bought from advertising on web pages online. Online ads created opportunities for the advertisers precise targeting to its customers, and help add advertising conducted in accordance with the preferences and tastes of the consumer. The modern media are different can chúng am also aiming choose, but only new Internet top thể như that. Advertisers concept is here is to understand is who has expertise, responsible for one brand or product in the set supervision for one campaign.promote on internet The goal of advertisers is mount prospect with the product or ask for their brands . This lẽ thực network efficiency because thể interactive customer for products , check product and if satisfied, can buy . For example , one ad for computer software be given to customers table where the showroom to get direct information and inspection . If customers prefer software that, chúng can be purchased directly . No media types chúng yet possible The lead customer to find out information from an until now buy products without any trouble like the Internet

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