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how to advertise business

You’re thinking how to advertise business, please refer to the following information: Most of the approximately 15 thousand US companies loyal to the concept of building a brand through advertising. ’It is essential that all our focus is to create the leading brand’ - CEO of D’Arcy, Masius Benton & Bowles9 speech ’How to proceed is that we must understand the psychology of consumers , this will lead to better results, more creativity, newer ’. Anita Roddick built The Body Shop10 a big brand that does not need to advertise. She traveled the world in an attempt to attract publicity by making environmental reviews. Literally, the torrent of articles and interviews on radio and television has made The Body Shop. Starbucks, too, in the first ten years of operation, the company has spent nearly 10 million dollars on advertising, this is a very small figure compared to the brand, generating revenues of 2.6 billion dollars annually. Wal-Mart has become the largest retailer in the world with annual revenues of over 200 billion dollars without much advertising. A brother of Wal-Mart, Sam’s Club, has earned 45 million dollars every store that hardly needs a little ad. Miller Brewing to spend $ 50 million to launch the brand Miller Regular (or referred to as Miller). Brand was neither promoted at all, almost did not leave anything in the first impressions people drinking beer and just bring a little revenue is $ 50 million.

Most marketers advise businesses spend on advertising from 2 to 5 percent of the profits. But what if you are just beginning to unfold, and you have no money on advertising and how to advertise business? Read our article to find out how to attract potential customers for free and advertise your business. Do yourself a website. Use the power of the Internet to attract attention to your business. The Internet provides many potential opportunities to learn about you hundreds of thousands of consumers. For example, be sure to use in e-business correspondence your company’s logo. Use the website Twitter. Open a Twitter account is easy and free. This site allows you to interact with customers on a personal level. Choose a name for your account, which will be the best possible way to reflect the name of your company. Let this account comes your business e-mail. As avatars using the company’s logo. Follow the news of their clients, family members, friends, and other businesses with whom you have business relationships. Promote your business in their tweets, for example, reports about sales and discounts for regular customers. Give people a reason to follow your news. In this article you can get more information on how to use Twitter for business.

[justice] Advertising is part of Activity multi-component is a promotional activity is known that advertising is superior in many cases because it has advantages over other promotional mix elements and in particular when it comes to industrial Balmazmat because the special nature of the Declaration check this superiority and advertising, unlike personal selling as it can be achieved connection on a very large scale in a very limited time occupying the ad a privileged position within the promotional mix, but that its importance in some cases that some see being synonymous to promote the word, because of the depth of the historical for this activity compared to other promotional activities within the mix. [2] And advertising art develops self-development and technical evolution that we come to it, with the great development wrought by computers in today’s world, in turn, reflected on the world of advertising and design of advertising and bringing out its development and attractiveness of thing a lot. And not advertising industry of the arts developed, but is as old as history, forms of advertising have begun evolved over the centuries until it became the art of advertising as we know it now. Ads on public bus Print ads, the oldest ever between the art of advertising, a newspaper and magazine advertisements, periodicals and publications and posters. It can also be called indirect advertising, because it can not determine which individual target accurately. And from direct advertising brochures and pamphlets that send mail to certain persons. Outdoor advertising, street advertising, exhibitions and ads on the sides of public buses. ’how to advertise business

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