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promote my business How to promote your business? With or without content, and simple methods, you can attract many customers to your services or products. And without wasting too much time or spending much money. Here are some simple tips to beef up your reputation on the web. Why increase the visibility of its business? You understood the usefulness of a website for a company. But why make it visible? By improving your promote on the Internet, you allow users to access the contact details of your company, the description of its activities, their news. So interested potential customers. In addition, you have only to win to make yourself known to the extent that visitors to your site will remember you when needed and talk to their loved ones! What actions lead you on the Internet? Concretely, the actions are of three types: referential (your company appears on websites), publishing (publication of articles), community (part of a network of online). You can start with a simple and fast action: to locate your business on the online map services. Maps online: locate your business: Your potential customers or partners need to identify yourself. And that, without necessarily going through a search engine. The solution ? Appear on card services and directions online. Three tools offer this visibility: Google Maps, ViaMichelin, and (see our article on these tools).

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