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According to small business marketing consultants, about 62% of SMEs surveyed said that word of mouth marketing / customer referral is one of the three strategic marketing its top. Other effective strategies include: email (34%), Internet (25%), social media (23%), search engine marketing (14%), and marketing content (13% ). TV commercials / least effective radio, only 2% of respondents ranked this method. This survey is based on data from 408 small businesses interviewed (50% of B2C, B2B, 28%, 22% mixed). Experts note, word of mouth marketing will work in two different directions is very clear: good or bad. If you have the product, good service, you will be spreading the praise. Conversely, when customer dissatisfaction, bad language will also be spread exponentially. So, if you choose it, products and services of enterprises must meet or exceed the expectations of customers which are formed from watching the commercials, heard the presentation of the business sale or industry standards. Set own sites on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn, Pinterest and subscribe to SlideShare. To encourage customers to participate in this web site, expressing love (like) with messages (post) or subscribe to the newsletter (follow) and share (share) of the newsletter. Enterprises should also complement sharing site or emails, to create more favorable conditions for clients to share information, the program’s advertising business for their community

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