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Search for websites when someone links to something or advertises on a website, why is it any different than advertising law as it has been. You advertise something it does not mean you endorse it or are liable so why is it any different for a website than a newspaper, magazine, TV station, etc. etc. etc. We don’t need disclaimers for links or ads on websites but somehow all the lawyers think it is different than any other mediums. And the public should be savvy enough in this day and age to know. You can’t go sue a magazine because of an advertised product. In my opinion, these concerns are largely unfounded. Linking is common practice on the web - expected and respected by users of all kinds - and therefore, extremely unlikely to harm your reputation. Even if you link to the occasional site or page that’s been taken over by a domain squatter, aspiring pornographer or entranced Twilight fan, your visitors are likely to carry a great deal of forgiveness, especially if it’s an old link. I think there are plenty of other good reasons to link out as well, but these are certainly top of mind for me, and typically make a very compelling argument when we work with clients who are initially opposed to the idea. As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts, experiences and rationales for linking out (or not).

Business promotion today has become a trend of trading today; so many ways of promotion had been created during the last years, by the time business raises as a wide field of options depending on company’s policies and purposes. Some advertisements showing and focusing on establishing brands or company fame by creating a brand image, or logo, so they have to construct a good feedback along the time and establish credibility while building trust and inspiring customers and not to see the urgent profits. They place logo in their business products, business cards, email signatures, brochures, signs, and a presentation must appear on the forefront when customers operate the search for websites of a certain brand that is of the importance of search engine optimization (SEO) in forming trends. With regard of special area, advertising purposes might engage people to enlarge their business framework, such a need appear to generate, for example, a business relationships, public relations and this also make some attraction to generate business partnerships. Recently, companies begin enlarging advertisements to cover the social media communities, so they face another need of a new extension that is the social media department, which focus on measuring the market trends.

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