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You already have a blog or website, even very interesting and the product you are selling is also very nice. But what you feel if no one is visiting your website, disappointed? Certainly ...... .. !!! Websites like shop, the more visitors, the more likely it is salable merchandise. If you open a shop in the street that is very busy, for example in the market, even if you do not do promotional website still many people who know and visit. But if your store or a new venture in a less strategic, whether it can suddenly crowded and many who know and visit? I do not think like that, you have to do promotion for your new business. I analogize new website just like the new store. Stores are located in strategic places, is a website that is in the top 10 search (Google, Yahoo, etc.). You do not have to do any other promotion website because google is the traffic where people look for information on the Internet are the most crowded. In contrast, many websites that rank, last out in the results, or even not at all indexed is a store that away from the crowd, empty, no one even knew of its existence. Next will be the thought, ’well then have to go to the store or business in a strategic place!’ It definitely. The problem is, getting a good place was not easy, having to compete with other employers. Likewise, the website, you should try to get a place in google and other search engines. It’s difficult, you have to compete with millions of webmasters. If it was not able to because of various factors, for example, do not know how, competition is too tight or can not afford to hire SEO services, yes no magazine, provided that an effective web promotion. Web promotion is also indirectly raised position in search results. To this end, I will pull the core of the above explanation. Clear that that should be the owner of the web that bring as many visitors. There are two things that must be done to bring visitors to the web, namely: 1. Earn top 10 search results, such as google, yahoo, bing, etc. (Difficult, sometimes very difficult) 2. Perform any effective form of promotion (easier, even very easy)

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