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Internet development, website becomes an effective tool to help businesses communicate with customers. Unlike before, the website is merely an introduction to business pages, for example product offerings; at present, the order form and payment also takes place on the web. More than anyone else, more and more businesses realize more clearly promoting the page. It also considered the smart choice for business and trendy, instead of the forms of pr, or another more expensive. Search advertising is likely to be one good option. You can imagine that when customers demand for a product or service that you offer, they are on the Internet to find information. And if you appear on top of search results pages of Google, the customer is likely to click on your banner. Let your site appear much as possible. Of course you also need to consider that reasonable, to avoid the imposition case. Site can appear in email signatures, business cards, in the document that the company published in the ’uniforms’ (shirts, hats, pens, books ...) company or gift to customer ... Advertise site not simply whether you spend money to your pages appear in as many places as many people as possible attention, which is important target audience and right with the message that you want. So also need a reasonable strategy can be effective at the lowest cost.

advertise site Facebook site advertising method as follows: You can access the advertising department through two options First: through the main page by clicking on the link promoted by declaring Second: by modifying the page, and then click on the marketing link to announce in Facebook Login page announcement through any options mentioned choose And advertising in Facebook based on simple steps which determine the design of the target as follows and Category: First: Advertising Design It specifies the manner in which the destination page or the advertised site You’ll find all the pages listed under your account in addition to the inter specific location external information and this It is chosen at the announcement of an external advertised on the site Also, Facebook log location information or page and a copy automatically You can also change them and upload a picture of the other announcement And selecting a page to announce it will show you another option enables you to specify which tab will be shown to visitors through advertising when clicked Second: targeting State and through the target specified in the ad and age, gender, type of target, whether fans or non-fans your page Or specifically from friends The beauty of this move is a counter to the left of the screen users see which of the number of target users Within the preferences set by the Third, currency, pricing and scheduling And specifying the currency to be paid by the announcement and the price and the value of the time and the historical table for your advertising campaign After that it will be offered to the announcement last modification or dependence When submitting the application and adoption will appear for you to determine the method of payment the following message You will enter your bank account information, or email to make a payment And it made the announcement process

One of the big surprises of the 21st century has been the ability of all sorts of interesting Web applications to support themselves through advertise site, rather than subscription. While radio and television have managed to use advertising as their primary revenue source, most media – newspapers and magazines, for example – have had to use a hybrid approach, combining revenue from advertising and subscriptions. By far the most lucrative venue for on-line advertising has been search, and much of the effectiveness of search advertising comes from the “adwords” model of matching search queries to advertisements. We shall therefore devote much of this chapter to algorithms for optimizing the way this assignment is done. Ranking ads is a bit more problematic, since there is nothing like the links on the Web to tell us which ads are more “important.” One strategy used is “most-recent first.” That strategy, while equitable, is subject to abuse, where advertisers post small variations of their ads at frequent intervals. The tech- nology for discovering ads that are too similar has already been covered. An alternative approach is to try to measure the attractiveness of an ad. Each time it is displayed, record whether or not the queryer clicked on it. Presumably, attractive ads will be clicked on more frequently than those that are not. However, there are several factors that must be considered in evaluating. However, the Web offers an opportunity to tailor display ads in a way that hardcopy media cannot: it is possible to use information about the user to determine which ad they should be shown, regardless of what page they are looking at. If it is known that Sally likes golf, then it makes sense to show her an ad for golf clubs, regardless of what page she is looking at. We could determine Sally’s love for golf in various ways. Each of these methods, and many others like these, raise enormous privacy issues. It is not the purpose of this book to try to resolve those issues, which in practice probably have no solution that will satisfy all concerns. On the one hand, people like the free services that have recently become advertising- supported, and these services depend on advertising being much more effective than conventional ads. There is a general agreement that, if there must be ads, it is better to see things you might actually use than to have what pages you view cluttered with irrelevancies. On the other hand, there is great potential for misuse if the information leaves the realm of the machines that execute advertising algorithms and get into the hands of real people..

a long time ago a was thinking about earn money using internet ,but i come accros a lot of diffuclties ended with frustration and neglect the project ,first of borders that i met ,is the lack of information or guiding in how to use advertise site in your blog or anywhere to gain money ,second is which adertise site do i use,and which get the best result and benifits, an adver site is nesseceary in my platform ,because it’s the only way to recompence my offorts and my time ,i know that visiteurs lie my don’t like a lot o advertising in some sites because it’s it’s boring to show in any clicks a new window of advertising but sometimes i think it’s doesn’t matter ,,at liest a found in these site what i look for so basically like we pay them after a lot of research i found some intersting adver site with few banners and a good benifit ,and i look forward to improve my blog and put a diiferent subject and no borring things nd i look now forward to add a new avertising site in my platform to get double chance a get to birds with one stone

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