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how to promote your site

Probably every owner thought about how to promote your site. Reload the page design. There are situations where the resource is represented by good content, but because of key words he came in the top ten search results, but your products or services are not bought. The reason could be a bad design that deters potential customers. Change the incoming point to a resource. By changing them, you can get new customers who are attracted primarily predetermined information. Increase the average duration and the number of times your web - site a visitor. This can be achieved by simplifying the design, quality of content, as well as optimization of the navigation system. Website promotion effectively by low-frequency queries. This will help you to improve inbound traffic and provide a small amount of new visitors. The logical layout of texts. When creating a website is important to pay attention not only to the uniqueness and quality of the texts, but also its design on a resource. To make it easy to be perceived, to break it into paragraphs, highlight important information, use bulleted lists and blocks. Typically, such information is easily understood. Avoid keyword spam, a large number of images, advertising banners and animations. All online videos, they should be of good quality at reasonable levels. Order site development, immediately negotiate with the Web master of the number of pages on the site. The optimum amount of up to 25 KB. The more pages, the slower they will be loaded. If you create a website for the sale of goods or services, give up the ad units that distracts the attention of buyers from your proposals and reduce efficiency. To achieve effective promotion can be achieved by simplifying the design. With the help of this service, and products are most viewed, and access to the different sections of more convenient.

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