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best ways to promote your website through publicity and advertising where you put the site link in a paid announcement made through the sites carry out such acts. 2. Through add friends who will publish your personal pages. Through the payment process for people where you specify the amount of money each person visiting your site. 3.nscher topics and articles that attract visitors to your site. 4. Participate in important public and specialized topics. 5. The sale of advertising on the site or your wall. The most important thing in all this Hialmsaddaqah in dealing with people where this great significance in promoting and supporting your site on the Internet because these Tkunmn work ethic on the Internet and the best way to attract visitors, friends and interact entered the site through comments and posts likes to topics that are posted where you to avoid the deployment of Moakia absurd and unethical that are not connected with reality and that Aihbzha a lot of people if it could lead such a trivial topics to Tadmaralamouka and lack of access to the desired goal in promoting your site, and also has to be you to stay up a little bit in order to follow people, interact and calories Replies this also affects the promotion of your site progress for the better.

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