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Nowadays, users can explore the world by surfing the Internet, and by navigating the websites and social media sites for different reasons. Some people for entertainment, others for working and making money, and the majority to connect with the world, This was made easier by the massive development of search engines. A lot of people make blogs and upload their materials to the internet, an example of these blogs is: search engine marketing blogs. Also you can make personal pages or websites to express your ideas to all your fans from all over the world, after which people from all the world can access these personal , fan based or search engine marketing blogs, and they can explore their context and share something for the blogs, in exchange blogs founders can get money from ads which are usually added to the home page. there are a lot of adds sponsors for this job. Google is the most fames sponsor and the bloggers can get adds from his own country if he or she has a famous blog, To conclude, I think there is a huge and big future for these blogs to be the main working place for a lot of people around the world

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