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Let’s look at your actual blog and the possibilities it affords. Follow the “KISS” rule, and keep it simple — from the look and layout of the blog to the language you use in each post. At the same time, blog posts should be interesting and relatable, and the language that you use in your blog posts should be easy for Google to understand. Yes, Google. The search engine considers both readability and the users’ experience and determines how effective a Google search will be in reaching your website. One part of this is using keywords. Without doing in-depth keyword research, we’d suggest using keywords such as ““dentist , ”, etc. These are likely the most popular keywords being searched in your region. Keywords are essential to searchability on particular topics, but adding words without purpose or overstuffing your blog with these key terms decreases your ranking with search engines and makes your site look like spam. The most effective method of implementing keywords into your text is to write intelligently and with the reader in mind. They can be often some patients with helping us... It will teach for coming generation to care our health... Some time people are aware of that.. Dental marketing blog

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