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b2b content marketing

b2b content marketing is an important part of the process of promoting an online business model B2B, it really brings efficiency to the business. also known as advertising through search engines is the most important part in that process. When doing SEO for it, you need content, to develop keyword strategies for each product, each location and method incorporates a link visibility and good spread on social networks. Did you know that, the article is more important quality not quantity? Depending on a report of CMI / MarketingProfs, though it is facing a problem that is ’created for all’, not cared to part message image, make available, for the full, for the full and timely quantities. Although the process of building this article can fully within the control of businesses or marketers. Reason makes it so bad is what? It is too difficult for now?. If they continue to post such poor quality, how can these links to learn better? Also make sure one thing, they could not display well on search results and obviously they create is not a page spread, promotion on social networks. They are unlikely to have a successful campaign without change. And I also hope that you will make a comment and share your personal below.

E-Marketing - the starting point E-marketing can be defined as a kind of marketing for good or Khaddmhmaanh on the Internet. Internet has become now occupies a space no matter magazines, audio-visual and radio stations, and by the consideration of this network is an important source of knowledge, it has become possible with the development of technical aids in therefore, it was possible to create a new space can be invested in marketing for some of the goods or services Word now some of the e-commerce models in short: (Business-to-Business Model (B2B content marketing Is writing (or in some cases create) a high value and share content for free to attract and convert visitors to users / buyers to serve you. Of course, the type of content that is involved with his relationship to the foregoing or sell but you do not (repeat not) shopping for your products in that content, but rather provide information and valuable tips (content) and share it with others for the purpose of their evidence This model is based on the exchange companies for marketing relationships among them. This could cite for this type of trade where some companies, (Peer-to-Peer Model ( P2P This model is less common marketing models, where the people marketing the products or services among themselves. It is worth mentioning that the beginning was with the second model (B2C) which is more complex compared to the remaining models. we consider the manner in which publication Tnivamilit and distribution are done on the Internet, and these are the mechanisms that traditional for synonym-mail through the use of search engines, for example, in the process of publicizing the sites and promote them or the use of electronic messaging techniques to gain more customers and for the definition of the commodity to other accredited and known in the world of marketing road E-marketing advantages Tips When Using Content Marketing Content content - remember that the content generated content (no matter how different forms and types) must be within the scope of the above service or sell because the goal of It as I said it made you in the perspective of your customers reference and an expert in that area (or even areas). Quality-generated content must be high and useful for Vitk- meaning has to be content (or trivially solve the problem, for example) because this serves as reward them to read and share your content. Remember, it is essential that appropriate content for your category (Study the requirements and needs of follows you on social services or even forums well). Proved your credibility to be your content with a special and distinctive character must be honest with your audience, provide content when it is illogical that you offer and you do not apply it! Shared your experiences and your expertise Be a friend to them and bring them Bmahtwak! And thus earn their trust. Be smart - as I said in the introduction you do not provide marketing content, but content to benefit and gain the confidence of your audience (expected or even current) and then progress intelligently them your service or product the content of the story of one customer or they solved their problem but remember confidence-building takes a long time and destroy it happens quickly ! Do not rush to sell The most important ways adopted in e-marketing are as follows: E-marketing for ways search engines Through advertising Using e-mails Through sub-programs or proxy Using interactive advertising

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