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how to build a blog

how to build a blog In the beginning you have to be a Google account. That you do not have an account on Google Google site so far, please feel free to set up a special account for you now so you can create your own blogger.  Moves to set up an account on Google • Go register link directly from the Google site Laconte Steps to Create a beautiful account 1-betrayed name are advised to write your real name, because this is a definitional card you on Google. 2. Khanh second name. 3. Write the email that you wish to Tnchaah and after the completion of the writing will reveal to you that the site was able to use it or it is used before. 4. Type the password that you want, and let Hard Word guessing in order to preserve your account theft 5 - retype the password that you typed in the previous step. 6. Write your date of birth and advise you to be true because it can help you recover the password that you forget it 7. Gender: male or female. 8. Write your phone to your laptop and be true also works, because you’ll need to come in steps such as activating your account or retrieved 9. Write a special e-mail address on your Yahoo or Hotmail or any mail until Google can send you a message at any time by the password for you when you forget. 10. Write code shown in the picture 11 - chose your country 12. check the box to agree the terms of Google • It’s finished now, the pressure on the next step time - After pressing the next step will show us proof of ownership of your page through a:  Send a text message to the phone number you entered previously by the code Stdechlh Or voice dialing activation tells php

how to build a blog ? Technically, if you have a Yahoo ID, then you already have 360. It’s one of Yahoo’s free services that involves social networking and combines many Yahoo! services into one area. It stays dormant until you activate it. It contains a blog. I think it’s easy to use. If you’re interested, while logged into a yahoo service (mail, answers, whatever), type in your web browser’s address field (or just type 360 in a Yahoo! toolbar). Start creating your 360 from there. ’Subscribing to a feed’ is when you regularly receive news from that particular source. For example, you really like the blog on ’’ so you decide to subscribe to the feed. To do this, you enter the address of the feed in to an RSS receiver, such as ’Juice’, 1. Then every week (for example) you would receive the next installment. ’Stumble Upon’ is a browser add-on for Firefox and Internet explorer that helps you find new 2. ’Facebook’ is like it’s somewhere that you can meet new people and share stuff you like ’Delicious’ is a bookmark manager, 3. To start your own I’d recommend buying your own website if you want to really get in to it. That way you can do whatever you like and you are not restricted by the policy of some company like and you can design it how YOU want, rather than according to their template.

People resort to create a blog for several reasons, the desire to marketing their business or their wares or just to share their opinions with others in a particular topic, and the establishment of the Code may be free or pay very little cost, and you can start by asking threads to be shared immediately after the establishment of the Code through certain sites without having to wait for approval or permission, the following full explanation of how to create a blog with a review of some of the ideas for topics that can be put through. how to build a blog * ask yourself for the things you love, which attracts interest and would like to share with others, and if you intend to write on a particular subject continuously to keep your blog always renewed, if you write in the subject stems from your passion and things happen with you everyday examples of the topics of this kind games computer where you can book on how to resolve a given mystery and how to overcome the difficult stage, you can write about food through the other your delicious recipes and experienced, movies, there are always new film in somewhere, and automobiles. * consider how to help others through your blog: Although you would like to expand your but you should not neglect the side topics and simple to the subject in question, in order to be able to communicate with the public is required, you can through several ways public education and education on the subject, and the provision of information and news items hereof, to try to make the public. * spying on the competition: see other blogs about your same to see how their presentation of the topic

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