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What is Advertising Business ..? Increase font size survey decrease the font size Each commercial point of interface helps people to recognize that the products .. commercial advertisements is the real point of the interface for any commercial products and promote their goods ... Commercials in the Arab world, unfortunately, lacks the minimum standards of proper advertising that takes into account the public taste for our custom and traditions to reach those ads curb lack of respect for the mentalities of citizens .... Most of the commercials that filled the television channels and newspapers and our magazines which injects the females (immoral blatant) and most of those ads will be the role of the females attraction of the product and some of the presence irrational it may be, for example, advertisements for cars or men’s shaving or even propaganda for banks and investment tools. ... And sometimes the males is illogical injects Declaration for women declaration, cooking oil or consumer product of food that cook at home or a private women’s fashion publicity ... Supposed to be typical ad publicity and provide a quality product to the recipient of the report of my ad is easy and enjoyable until the goal is achieved from advertising ... Unfortunately commercials have become especially European products just targeting the youth segment gender and influence through propaganda war as a method of destroying how people think and affect their actions ... Declaration high-speed car and perfume attracts women and drags Men Do not use broadcast only in the presence of women and the bank takes care of Palmsttmrat and investors to Western-style and perfume lady used only for occasions and fragrant but with clothing the naked, cosmetics Women suit the taste of men and many of the same destructive goals ads ... Here should be embodied the role of those in charge of media and expand control over the advertising business circle and evoke the censor’s scissors and focus on the awareness even come up with a commercial purpose is to promote the proclamation of the product and not the demolition of the minds of young people .... I would not be exaggerated in my words to the commercials (most underestimated sparks of fire) ... If every owner of a businessman hand productivity put the same place the receiver to commercial advertisements and evoked in his mind over the impact on the young mentality and children when we arrived to this intellectual decline and the low level of respect for the human mind

The recent deterioration of the Expedia site is closed in the wake of Buzzea platform highlighted a controversial practice: the control of backlinks. Background: the Expedia travel agency had appealed to Buzzea agency for its promotion through blogs. The posts in question, ordered mass contained backlinks to their website (do follow a fortiori) practice that Google penalizes long time. Yet enjoy directing backlinks to their site is decisive for its referencing in the same way that having attractive content. So how do we take? No backlink backlink for ... Much to the point: buying backlinks strictly for SEO is not viable. Neither the site of one who buys the backlinks nor for blogs or platforms on which those links are made. To carry smart backlink campaign, the goal should not be mass control external links to his site. However, there is a way to enjoy clear redirects: Order to media advertising content on their topic of choice. The media in question is a sensible way, consistent with the subject matter, a link to one of your deals. This form of Brand Content has no reason to be sanctioned when playing the game and not hiding. Let’s take a concrete example. In his article The importance of advertising business, the Korben site is an article on printing and introduces a link to Hewlett-Packard. Sponsorship is clear displayed, the case is clean.

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