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proximity marketing

In the economy is subject to many challenges, businesses require precede find new ways to help more effective marketing activities. The following tactics will help you determine which investments to its most effective, helping businesses to stand up to any challenge. The key in building strategic issues proximity marketing is to create a solid foundation for your marketing efforts. The massive deployment of promotion activities such as advertising, mailing or direct sales even without a specific strategy is like you buy curtains for the house was built before the learned texture is Its specific structure. Does that then you know how much I had to buy blinds and their size be? The value of the regularly appear on the market tend to increase over time if more and more potential customers aware of your business. This increased access to small groups of customers and shorten the sales process. The online regularly appear in places where existing customers and people looking for information (including web sites, search of information, search engines and e-mail) will help you always appear to provide valuable measurement tool through online connections. If you only focus on quantity without paying attention to quality, efficiency will be very low and much of the sales force will be wasted, the salesman will not believe in it any more programs. Implement quality program is the leading standards make people excited because gained more information and willing to provide feedback on the program.

It is a local wireless distribution of advertising content associated with a particular place. Transmissions can be received by individuals in that location who wish to receive them and have the necessary equipment to do so. Distribution via traditional broadcast may be localized, or more commonly targeted specifically for devices known to be in a certain area. You can determine the location of the device by: And cellular phone being in a cell Maanho Bluetooth or Wi-Fi device being within the range of internet enabled device Alarsal.aly GPS device can request from local content from the Internet Joadm.o NFC enabled phone can read the RFID chip on the product or the media and the launch of local content Internet servers. Communication can increase targeted at specific groups within a particular location, for example, the content of the hot tourist spots can be distributed only on registered devices outside the local area. Communications Set time and place may be, such as content in the conference venue may depend on the event in progress. Uses include in the distribution of media at concerts and information (links to sites on the local utility), games and social applications, and advertising. Contents 1-based systems technology Bluetooth, a short-range wireless system are supported by many mobile devices, and a single conveyance. Based on Bluetooth include the creation of Bluetooth ’broadcast’ equipment at a particular location and then send the information that can be text, images, audio and video are to Bluetooth enabled devices within the range of Albut.sag server and other standard data exchange, such as format Btaqhimkn also be used as the marketing close range. It used to be the case that because of security concerns, or the desire to save battery life, 2 Based systems NFC technology Near Field Communication (NFC) tags are embedded in NFC smart poster part, the product of smart, smart book. Mark has the RFID chip is embedded with. Could it be to open a browser on a particular page or offer. Any phone that supports NFC technology can activate the brand by placing the device nearby. Information can be anything from a product, and deals private accommodation details, and information about local restaurants. Release Proximity Marketing via SMS based on GSM 03.41 which defines the Short Message Service - Cell Broadcast. SMS-CB allows messages (such as advertising or public information) to be broadcast to all users in a specific geographical area. And Aydamouka Location-based services (LBS) are a class of public services on the computer programs that use location data to control the level of features. As such LBS is an information service and has a number of uses in today’s social networks as a service and entertainment, which uses information on the geographical location. This is more and more has become important with the expansion of the smartphone market and the computer

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