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Forum marketing The essence of the forum is to create users (online visitors) their Threads with their subsequent discussion by posting your messages in these topics. A single theme, in fact, is a thematic guestbook. Users can comment on the stated theme, to ask questions and get answers there, as well as yourself to answer questions of other users of the forum and give them advice. Inside threads can also be arranged Polls (voting), if it allows the engine. Questions and answers are stored in the database offline, and can later be useful as the forum participants and any Internet users who can go to the forum, knowing the address of the website or get it from the search engines when looking for information. Subject forums can be very diverse, spanning all areas of life, and is determined either by the owners of forum or the administration, or dependent on contingent members. This forum can be as specialized, such as dedicated music or any music genre, as well as highly specialized, dedicated to a musical group or artist, and without specialization, in which case users choose their topics of interest to them. Forums can exist independently, without reference to any website, and to be part of the web portals.

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