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Advertising blogs, there are some tips that you have to consider if you are really looking for good results in that field. This is the field that basically works on being smart and patient. First, you have to make sure that your blog contains high quality content , that will manage you to keep your blog visitor carious about your blog and visit it in such a regularly way. if your content does not has good quality, you may get some visitors by good promoting but those visitors will not come back to your site, so you have got a good traffic for just a limited period. You have to work a lot on the form and design of the blog, and make it friendly to use in a way that any visitor can find what he want as fast as it can be. your blog might has the content that some visitors are looking for, but actually they can not get to it or they got tired of searching about it in your blog as it is not organized in a good way. The qualified design motivate the visitor to keep surfing in your blog and even make some activities like leave some comments on your blog posts.

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