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advertising ideas

Pass the media tidal waves of change; that news organizations have become assisted software developers to create fantastic interactive applications. It has also become social platforms a significant contribution to strengthening the role of the so-called ’citizen journalism’ around the world. As well as become the brands involved in the content creation.Advertising ideas The reason for this change is that the new technologies are spreading at an unprecedented speed. Vojhzh Mobile, for example, have become smarter, more effective than any time before. The more time users spend on mobile devices at a rate of half an hour a day in the period from 2011 until 2012 only. The increase in wireless technology and digital screens to increase the digital media has led; therefore, due to this year, users spend more time on the Internet than the time they spend watching television and this is the first time that this happens. Because we are studying the future of advertising in our modern world, we have seen put forward five ideas from which we take the case of advertising in the future and how we can develop an integrated and sustainable advertising system works over Taiwil.mkanah choice: absence of constraints in display ads. Now users have a great deal of freedom in the choice of millions of Web sites and video channels and applications that are no longer separated by only one click. Function to change the content playing time has helped, according to the need to change the way you use the media to a large extent. In the future it will not be proportional to the emergence of compulsory advertising with this situation. But, instead, ad formats, which gives users will be greater opportunity to choose the most effective formats. The first incarnation of this type of advertising is search advertising, which managed to ad agencies which provide the required business information only. The same is repeated with video and display ads: Display ad has been operated by the user and ads that can be overcome is becoming the norm now. Thus, viewers will be able to choose to watch ads before, and that the advertiser will not pay only for impressions of this interactive viewing. When the Dove company that wants to put Real Beauty Sketches, midwife used the video ads to skip in order to search and communicate with the people most interested in its brand. Although the duration of the video clip three minutes, it has become one of the most video ads in terms of viewing on YouTube over time also attracted eight million watching more Advertising ideas

advertising ideas Setting up reciprocal links consists of establishing a partnership between several complementary websites by exchanging links in order to improve traffic to all of them. This is one of the most advantageous advertising strategies because it is easy to implement and low in cost. Exchanging links can help a website benefit from traffic coming from partner sites, but it can also be counterproductive or hurt a website’s image if the partners are not suitably chosen. In order to set up this type of partnership, you must first choose websites that complement yours and not websites that are in direct competition. Future partners should be chosen according to the following criteria: • Reputation • Content Quality • Traffic • Position in Search Engines There are link exchange services (often called link farms or webrings) that group together links from several websites belonging to the same category. This type of service makes tools available for randomly displaying the links of websites joined together in partnership. Websites offering this service generally promise a spectacular increase in traffic. However, it is the link farm itself who wins big because a link to their website is on all the pages in the partnership. The main viral marketing media are: • Virtual postcards or e-cards • Screensavers • Wallpaper or backgrounds • Animations and games • Video clips • Practical and original utilities More and more websites also offer a function allowing visitors to recommend the website to a friend. This is a type of viral marketing that uses the visitor as a marketing tool for reaching friends.

So much of your success in business depends on getting the word out about what you offer. Just because you build it doesn’t mean that they’ll come. But if you advertise it, you have a fighting chance.your business comes up in more local searches, which translates directly into more customers finding My favorite way to advertise my business is to not advertise at all. Even free advertising is expensive because it costs a lot of time and is often ineffective. Instead, I build authority for my brand by talking to people and having real conversations on social media. This has the threefold benefit of helping people out with their problems, gaining exposure for my business, and building trust with people who will then trust me .great way to advertise your business for free is by creating and maintaining a business page on Google+, commonly known as Google My Business. This offers many incentives to business owners, particularly brick and mortar companies who have a storefront. The key feature is being displayed in Google Maps. This provides the opportunity to be shown above normal organic search results in Google, while allowing customers to easily find directions to your location. It also gives customers the chance to leave reviews, which are critical for the success of any brand. People love things for free, so offering users benefits when indicating or inviting new contacts is a great approach on reaching new clients. Another tactic, is co-blogging, or offering specific knowledge to influencers/bloggers that focus on the same area that your company is developing its business. And last but not least, asking your clients reviews about their experience using your service or product can really help bring new traffic towards your website.advertising ideas

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