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When buying backlinks you can do basically two different paths. Either you engage in individual negotiations with the owners of selected individual sites or try to buy links The downside is that some exchanges are inserted into the pages of links automatically. would then become a simple tool to damage competition. The original intention was to build a global, multilingual system for selling links. Even today, however, prevail in Directo menu, which is more than 1 000. The administration has a clear catalog with the possibility of filtering by all basic parameters sites. The individual themes also abound. Many sites on the menu, however, has as a result of reporting the spam report to Google’s PageRank toolbarový artificially reduced to zero. One of the first services for sale links. As the name suggests, this is not a Czech service. In the past, Google faced by many challenges in the form of penalizing sites that offer purchase links. During its existence, however, it has evolved which seeks to maximize protection Website Publisher. In the system, advertisers can currently choose between more than 600 sites.An interesting opportunity to purchase valuable and lasting backlinks, offers . It is a system of PPP (Pay Per Post), where the advertiser buys the link itself, but the entire article with links to the blog. The seller has an obligation to keep him active in the unchanging URL for 6 months web marketing experts.

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Marketing agency, which for many years quality and professional designs and implements all marketing activities; of market research, the process of creating a positive image of the company or product service visual communication, creating a marketing strategy and plan, design and creation of promotional materials, media planning and media buying agency on conditions and organization of events. A team of creative professionals - enthusiasts marketing offers you an innovative, efficient and cost available marketing solutions that will keep you and your products / services made recognizable in the market, aside from your competitors and make your business more successful. What makes us special is the total commitment to the client in all areas, regardless of size or budget. A team of highly educated professionals takes care of all aspects of creating your image quality, ready to accomplish even the most complex projects at the same time adhering to agreed deadlines.- - Our goal is to maintain and enhance a highly personalized and professional approach to each client, and trust that you have given us to justify your success. Your satisfaction is our biggest motivation! web marketing experts is your choice. Once again, thank you so much for your business and trust.

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