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According to research from Google, with 96% of potential customers visiting the website for the first time the money will not have any buying action at all. So how can reach 96% of potential customers? With remarketing campaign (web marketing service) you can reach customers who have been interested in the product / service of one or more businesses again through ad networks google, facebook, youtube, ... Even, you can transfer these users to messages created by the action then you know for sure who it was interested in its products business. Also, remarketing (remarketing) also help you increase the level of brand recognition of the business to interested users. When creating remarketing campaign, the ad will be visible only to those who enter your site your business, while others will not see You also have the option of operating time of that ad with one customer. For example, you put a 30-day operation, the ad is only displayed to customers who visit your website for 30 days. After 30 days, if the customer does not return to the site, they will not see ads anymore. Depending on the type of service, the business and the purpose that we can install these marketing campaigns are different

Business means activities related to commercial and financial affairs in order to generate maximum profits. Marketing can be defined as the analysis of the needs of the consumers and the whole of the action used by the organizations to influence their behaviour. It creates the value perceived by the customers and adapts the commercial offer of the company to the desires of the consumers by the help of advertising, web marketing service, and local representatives The science of designing the supply of a product based on the analysis of consumer expectations and taking into account the capacities of the company as well as all the constraints of the environment (socio-demographic, Competitive, legal, cultural ...) in which it evolves. Marketing is a decision-making aid, it allows defining the optimal combination (mix) of the characteristics of the product, able to meet these expectations of the consumers, in the most profitable way possible. Finally, it promotes the control of results with respect to the initial objectives. The mission of marketing as an organizational management discipline is to build a clientčle and ensure its long-term loyalty by putting the necessary actions on a day-to-day basis and therefore in the very short term. Reinforcement of its satisfaction, “Said Christian Dussart and Michel Cloudier. By placing the customer at the center of his reflection, marketing has gradually evolved towards a relational approach whose CRM (Customer relationship management) is supposed to guarantee protection and improvement over time.

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