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seo and marketing This site Not Fake I Like This AND SO in This site This IS Biggest Marketing Site And This Site Have All product Seo Is Good So Many product Like mobiles ANd other Electronics Gaguet I Like This Site Because This Site HAve A Large Marketing Power SO I Like This Site I Always Buy Produts In This Site Becaus This Site Have A Good Product .....In recent months, the necessity of search engine optimization has come under major fire. As Google released their Panda and Penguin algorithms we all saw a major reduction in search spam, and an almost overnight, we began noticing major changes in the type of content we saw in our own search results. Long time SEO Jill Whalen, is now “internet famous” for quitting her career as an SEO following these major announcements. “Google works now” said Jill, “this means, my friends, that my work here is done.” What does she mean? Is SEO really dead? As is often the case, nothing is really dead. SEO has changed, dramatically, and as Jill points out, this is a good thing. The good news for content creators like you is that it has changed in your favor. Google now rewards content marketing over spam bots and link-building tricks. It’s a victory for good content and a loss for tactics of questionable nature. This is a good thing.

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