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Promotion websites are quite a lot on the internet these days. Now almost every sales site includes sales and discounts to their customers. the special ones are the sites that are dedicated to sales and you are able to get one even after sign up. this kind of sites are many categories such as: electronics, health, telecomunications, clothes, educations, science, art, food, wood working, cars, motorcycle, sport, outdoor, etc. in the future all the sites will have discounts on almost every article because that’s the way to have customers. all the customers before buying something wants to see that products are with sales and discounts and wants to buy with small amount of money a large quantity of products. of course there is another category of shoppers who are hunting just the promotion websites and stores and discounts from magazines whitch can be used in buying stuff. these are the cheapest buiers who are ok to buy goods from a past season and don’t want to spend money just to show off. in order to complete this article i must say that in the entire world most of the people are poor people and all of us we hunt for promotions on every single shopping we make because we want to buy more items with small quantity of money and we don’t botter if the quality is poor to.

promotion websites. More ways in which they can profit the money funds via the Internet, and so many ways, including the sale of goods via the Internet, as well as sites that profit from advertising (such as this site through AdSense). It does not matter in any way are profitable through the website to increase profit by increasing the number of visitors to the site. If you win $ 10 for every 1000 visitors ... the goal to increase visitors to increase profit. And downright possible announcement of your site leads to numerous visits to the site, but this costs money ... also subject to cost you announced $ 100 and brings you 1000 visitors ... if you lose that $ 90 ... If the best way of increasing visitor to the site and thus profit the money is to promote the site in Google (I Pthdt About Google Llano months but intended all search engines like Bing and Yahoo, etc ...) As a result of the promotion, the site appears in the advanced positions more in Google Search and thus more number of researchers they click on the link of your site and this increases the number of visitors to the site and therefore more profits from the site Think, for example, the last time I looked for something in Google, click on any link? Downright on the first links and at least in the first page ... What does it mean SEO ?? We shorten the promotion on behalf of the SEO process a shortcut in English of the term Search Engine Optimization literal translation of this phrase is ’search engine optimization’ But I do not like this translation is meant is the changes in the location in order to be optimized for Mejrkat research and thus show the site before other sites containing the words Search. What affects your place in Google? I’ll show you more things that affect the site’s ranking in Google’s short, I’m going to come in more detailed articles explaining Keywords (keywords): When building site in a particular subject should know on what people are looking more, for example, the adoption of site sells Aloifunat, you could find that the majority looking for the sentence ’to buy a new iPhone,’ If this sentence should add in Titles In the title of the page and in the meta tags. Text and a lot of words: Google likes text more than they liked the pictures and certainly more than the flash, very Vmahbz that encompasses the site a lot of texts, the Google are possible to read the words but not images (even though he recently found in Google robot are possible image analysis and read the words in. But downright not in Arabic) and less Shi loves Google is the flash. But Takdhir copies of texts from other sites because Google this knowledge possible and punish the site that steals the texts (even with some changes) Internal Links: Going the existence of internal links on the site, which reached an all pages of the site, as notes most of the articles in this site contains links to articles and other also no side links and upper and even in the bottom of the site, and a link in the article to an article last possible to reap Vodtan, the first to promote Site and the second to make the visitor surfs other pages of the site and therefore spend more time and see more ads. Site building: is very important to Google, the titles have a greater weight of the Interior words in the text and Google likes to be the site is built in a certain way I will explain in detail in another article on this point.

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