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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is understood as the optimization search. The SEO (SEOer) not merely webmaster that they know the technical manipulation software to the information of a site closer to the search, to help the website’s high ranking business on rankings for the keywords that users searching the internet. SEO staff will search for keywords related to products and services that businesses are offering. After the optimization of content on the web, SEOer will promote the site on forums, blogs, social networks like Facebook, Twitter ... to enhance web ranking arrangements in place to attract readers nhat.nhu to recruit people do SEO firms began to rise. Vietnam is estimated at about 1,000 workers. According to the South, where good skills, in addition to work in a company, SEOer can build personal web pages are self-employed, making money online. So now many people are interested and want to try out for professional SEO. SEOer salary paid to a rookie out oscillations 4-6 million a month, and up to 15-20 million a month to people with long experience. Compared with many other professions, it is still a decent income level. Let’s do your business search engine optimisation. it will bring money for you. is quite high anyway

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