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website marketing campaign , sining hey lalalalalala , tell him that I just go like that, I can’t go on. what I should do when no one listen to me, drink only juice that what the doctor said, she cries after every meal you don’t know what that make me feel, it’s me not you, every thing will come to end, and I hope some day I became what I always wished, six magnetize they don’t know where to begin, there is always some body taller and a little of weight, I wish you made the most of her when she were there, she got engaged, you can only assume, but shes not nice shes looking at you funny you said he was sad to see her go. but it was clearly better for all. what she doing never did it for me. being with all the boys but never went so far. now the girl is grown but I’m sure it will be carried in similar ways. I’m only pretending you know smoke a bum last night and stole some one telephone, they thought it was alright but they left him on his own, baby stop calling, lost control and the passenger were screaming, he thought it was a dream, call the fire, it was already too late, and there was no arrest to make.

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