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Hello everyone. Today, I’d like to talk about content marketing company. I’ll explain for you to understand about it. It’s so fun and helpful. Nowadays, Many company use it to reach existing customers and potential customers. It create useful content and appropriate to attract a large number of customers. Therefore, the company can understand the needs and tastes of customers more easily. Content is an important role in conveying the message of the brand, the interactions decided to spread the message and tighten relationships with customers. For example: Social media, Internet makerting. All of them allow the company interact with customers actively and directly through both words and actions. Company need original content creation, has its own identity and relevant to users. Beside, these contents should be compatible with any browser or device so users can easily view and share. Moreover, companies can take advantage of the analysis obtained from social networking and e-mail messages in order to adjust message, creating products that fit with changing tastes of the user. All of them will absolutely be done if companies understand the theory and practice them effectively. Some of the ways that companies can think of are: forum, music, sharing, web, marketing, podcast, tagging, picture blogging, sound blogging,...

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