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This for promoting website.We can do this by advertising a website.We can exchange banners.we can get Subscribers via emails. We have to generate targeted traffic for our website and covert that traffic into sales for our business.We have to attract people to get into our website.We have to do in such a way that the page title will appear hyperlinked on the search engines when our page is found. We have plan to use some descriptive keywords along with our business name on our home page to attract people. A site map page with links to all our pages can also help to search visitors and find all our pages, particularly if we have to enhance our site.This is very important.We have to fine-tune our focused-content pages and perhaps our home page, by making a series of minor adjustments to help them rank higher.By promoting our Videos, Images, and Audio Content we can promote our site.Also creating a free listing for your local business on Google Places for Business, Yahoo! Local, and Local Listing Center we can definitely promote our site.. That way our business can show up on a map when people do a local search..

so how to promote a website, you may think this is crazy to do so but I have to I need money and hope and this is my only hope is to write here and hope to get my money fast and easy but I’m still think this is just a fraud because I don’t get it, but I hope it be true because I made a good sum of money til now, so lets talk about promoting website, well you know if you build a site you need some visitor because there is no sense in making one if no one going to view it and more important if it’s a business page or you get paid from banner clicking then you need these traffic, because you won’t get any income in that case, so as many people going to visit you and click on these ads you get you money and the banner owner gets half too, so how to get these visitors, so first as we mentioned the banners, if you can buy them and do a good image and put good information in it so you bring attention to your page then you set to go, and you have another way and it’s the backlinks you see you can buy these too in cheap prices as there is webpages that give you the option to do so and after you do that you need to post them in different places on forums or blogs and on social media places because that where all the people go in every day routine, so what is back links, well they are links that they redirect the clicker to the original site. so when you do that you get your traffic fast and easy lemon juicy.

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