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In this article I will explain to you through the SEO concepts to understand their own way so you can easily know which SEO it is something to start reading other entries in the category SEO. Look , everyone knows these are the results when you search for ’ listening to music ’ , the first to search virtually all the leading music website in Vietnam. But have you ever wondered why it was given the first page ? Because the website is popular and many people access it? And rightly so , but you see, Nhaccuatui also many visitors and even better page that why it is only a 3 ? The difference here is that these methods increase the ranking , also known in accordance with its terms as SEO professionals. SEO is the abbreviation of the phrase Search Optimization . SEO work means that operational analysis methods and algorithms use some simple tricks or complicated to improve the ranking of the website on a given keyword . Concise and understandable is not it . The search will be the ’robots’ (also known as bots, spider..v.v ..) search task is to go ’scours’ the website which it said it carried out the data collection. You must remember that is not like a real man, although it are now pretty smart compared to the previous version a few years but the truth is it is still a work machine and a process certain order. The sequences that include crawl (crawling) through the HTML content of the website in order from top to bottom to see all the content what websites are. The it can continue to crawl from one page to another via links (possibly called Map link). Meaning that if your website is linked closely together, the bot will crawl is seeking more pages on the website as they are present only in a certain time. Conversely, since the bot was not the truth, they just read through the contents pharmaceutical regular text, completely unable to see the flash or javascript or folders confidential. This means that if the search bots can not crawl those pages, the page will not appear on its search pages

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