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Became the mail online marketing of the means by which to be reckoned with in achieving the desired marketing objectives, and so when the correct and proper implementation study Matovrt. This is the way most of the investigation and the least expensive means of advertising and other marketing tools (such as newspapers, magazines, television stations, radio stations, billboards scattered). Massive users of the Internet numbers are growing day by day. And from one day to another, we find that companies compete seriously and interest to achieve its goals through e-marketing, the spectrum of a broader and higher sales spread. Especially that the uses of this invention is increasing quite dramatically, since the Internet has become a global platform for supply and demand, buying and selling, without trouble To Atstgrb to find thousands of people searching for their business from small to large online effortlessly It gives them everything on earth they are in their places. Let you place them We offer hands the sender of the Arab solutions for marketing The Electronic and spread over the Internet. Whether it was the purpose of marketing and deployment of your site that contains your services or products or to achieve the best sales, or marketing a particular product or service, or any other activity, this type of marketing guarantees you that. The available multiple ways to Toseq mail with alerting us that the best and the cheapest is the e-mail marketing, and these methods Advertising via SMS Service The spectrum to send short messages via mobile phone, whether a certain segment or segments promised • Advertising via e-mail The spectrum via e-mail, one of the most effective ways • management and marketing propaganda on the Internet. • publicity sites in the search engines and the Arab world available Source site website marketing companies

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