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advertising through social media

Social networking sites provide include tools to allow people to share information with each other as movies, web pages ..., interact with each other online in ways such as comments, connect, retweet of a cabinet content, blog or Web page. Currently, the tool advertising through social media on media known as Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. Advantages are: Count spreading: Marketing services via social networks, the information is updated constantly, unlimited in quantity and time of sending. Moreover, as soon as information about the product / service of the business posted on the situation, we will immediately spread to thousands, millions of people quickly. Cost savings: If you have a clear strategy, market analysis and customer-specific objects, make sure the effectiveness of marketing through this channel would not inferior to traditional methods. Moreover, today, using it not only a trend but has become a habit for millions and billions of users worldwide. Therefore, the cost is not large, business ad will appear widespread and achieve optimum efficiency. Highly interactive as well as one of the advantages of such marketing. Enterprises can quickly receive feedback from customers, discuss, share problems with them, made the poll or answer questions ... Since then, the maximum control consumption issues pole may arise.

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