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Last year there was a huge amount of noise about how Facebook basically gave Google a quick slap in the face to the introduction, and now very popular, Facebook Ads. If you do not know, there’s a big fight going on between the number 1 most-visited sites on the planet (Google) and the number 2 most visited sites mentioned above. According to Compete, comparing unique visitors per month in the last month, they literally neck and neck. This has serious implications for chiropractors want to chiropractic online marketing campaign using social media. Did you know that Facebook currently has over 400 million active users now? You also know, these users spend an average of 20-50 minutes on this enormous power? It’s incredible considering the average Internet user spends less than ten seconds on the website at any time, submit! Never before them easier environment for chiropractors to use Facebook to get new clients and brand themselves as local experts that the community may know, like and trust. How chiropractic marketing, I would not recommend your traffic from only one source. For a long time all the ’gurus’ were talking about Google! Why do they push down the throat much? Well, because it feeds the ego of most people when it hit on the first page for a particular keyword. It’s also easy to proclaim himself an expert and once that has been achieved, and the average online newbie do not really know any better. This is not a good idea to get into the trap of keeping all your eggs in the Google basket, and focus on them exclusively for your chiropractic website traffic. Get 1 page it ranking’s nice to see? Yes, but in many cases it is only superficial, ’I’m better than you’ thing that gives you tunnel vision to you with a view of the other great sources of traffic on the Internet. In fact, many online elites who were to make more money from the Internet long ago dismissed Google!

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