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how to advertise online

How to advertise online, it seem like online marketing, we need to create an ad that is where we have made as attractive as possible and also its so intersting ad made as short as possible but hit on purpose what would we expect and easily understood by viewers make banner attractive, seductive and make someone curious, if we make the ads that are likely less attractive, maybe people will see or feel free to visit our website we must give the words that make people read will understand what the core of our advertising, perhaps we can also create an ad with an interesting animation and colors of our banner pictures and interesting if we could make if it were like what is written above, surely all the viewer will often see our ad, and remember, do not make ads that are too complicated cumbersome, because it will make people would be interested in advertising will we say, the core of our advertising is to encourage audience to buy or do anything of our advertising is, so once again, create advertisements which as attractive as possible and make the visitor curious to try it, and we are just waiting for the results of what we have advertised, good luck good luck

HOW TO MAKE ADVERTIAEMENT. The short length of radio and television ads make it seem that writing them would be simple. In fact, they are more difficult to write because they need to convey the advertiser’s message in a meaningful way in such a short time. With practice and by following specific steps, you can write scripts that are both interesting and effectiveIdentify your target market. Know as much as you can about their ages, genders, lifestyle and any other factors that identify them. The better you know your audience, the more effectively you can speak to themDetermine the objective of your ad. You may want to make people aware of a company, product or service, entice them to buy or take action of some kind. Everyone involved should agree in advance on what the ad should accomplishInclude a strong call to action that will make people want to take the next step -- go to your store, pick up the phone, tell their friends or whatever it is you want the audience to do. Leave no doubt in their minds what action you want them to takeTime your ad, allowing for normal rates of speaking, action and sound effects. Make the script two seconds shorter than the desired length to allow for fade-in and fade-out of the to advertise online

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